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I am a painter known as Jazz, a writer, and author of "A House Named Simplicity." 

With a lifelong interest in the places where we live and work, I am curious about rooms, houses and buildings and delight in discovering their personalities.


My many lives as interior designer, program director, dancer, and painter influence how I see and use spaces.  As the former owner of a facility consulting business that interpreted the language of buildings, I write about the ways our spaces, and what we put in them, shape and impact us.

An avid swimmer, fan of English murder mysteries, lover of strong hot coffee,  intrigued by the 1930’s, admirer of Eleanor Roosevelt, storyteller and creator of celebrations; I value simple living. My living mantra is to find the sacred in the everyday and the extraordinary in the ordinary.


I live with my photographer husband, Don, in our home named Rumley.

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