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This site features writings and links to my artwork on separate sites.

Here you will find stories about houses and the objects within. From my childhood bedroom to our current home, I have been fascinated by the spaces that surround me and how to make a house a home. I delight in finding the intention of a room, cupboard, closet, or drawer. By listening, I discovered each had a voice and unique personality. I am their storyteller.

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It's Here!!

A House Named Simplicity: Stories of Finding Home

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"A House Named Simplicity: Stories of Finding Home" is a collection of stories about a house that supported our quest to find home, both in a place and within ourselves. My husband Don and I asked much of this house we called Simplicity. At every turn she granted us an opportunity to enrich our lives and the lives of others.  She offered a place to dream and a place to seek refuge. Simplicity was an old house that found a new life, just as we did.


Because of her wisdom and unique personality, she became a teacher, mentor and friend. In time I discovered that her wisdom was not only for me, but others who also seek a sense of place, an intention of home, an intimacy with the spaces that surround them. As you enter Simplicity’s rooms and stories, may you discover more about yourself and the place you call home.


Susan Eaton Mendenhall

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